How to Completely Turn Off Windows Defender in Windows 10


How to Completely Turn Off Windows Defender in Windows 10

So you need to turn off Windows Defender protection in Windows 10? Here’s how to disable it temporarily or permanently depending on your needs.

In search, type gpedit, this will open the Group Policy Editor, now navigate to Computer Configuration / Administrative Templates / Windows Components / Microsoft Defender Antivirus. Inside this folder, find option “Turn off Microsoft Defender Antivirus” double click and set to Enabled.

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  1. Sorry but it doesn't work. I have Windows 10 Pro 20h2 version. If I turn off tamper protection and toggle the Disable Microsoft Antivirus Policy to Enabled, nothing happens and it goes straight back to Not Configured. However, if i put the DisableAntiSpyware key in the registry manually, it DOES disable. However, after a restart and a short pause, it automatically re-enables and the key is removed.

  2. I have Bitdefender free and it switches off Win Defend. however it is in some way still running in the background as very occasionally I will get a Win Defend warning installing some unverified software, I don't really think I've seen it pop up for any other reason.

  3. virus created account guest that take control of this gpedit windows defender policy…
    What i can do? I tried enabling on my account all settings back but no luck… I can't delete this account tho

  4. britec, so about 2 months ago my pc (windows 10) was all norma,l i could play games normal and stuff, but passed 2 months (now) my apex was crashing along with my pc, i tried all kind of stuff to fix it but no success, so im asking if a reboot will help fix the problem or if you have anything that can help me, i just want to play with my friends again.

  5. Hi Britec09 I put this on several of your youtube videos and fb but got no answer. I watched a tube video of yours that showed how to install Power Menu for win 10 but i'm having a hard time finding it so i can uninstall it as when i right click on my desktop and go to power menu then go to sleep or hibernate it shuts the computer down and not to sleep.

  6. I am a Home user, so can't use the 'gpedit' command. You were showing at the end of your video a safe 3rd Party editor which did have what I needed to disable it. I have both Web Root and Malware Bytes on my laptop and Defender doesn't do much, but it's still there, the other two programs did not disable it. Could you please share where you got that 3rd Party editor? Thank you.

  7. I've been following your videos for such a long time. (not always subscribed, because of this and that. Sorry lol)
    And i love your way of explaining things. So clear. I just love it. It's my way.
    Lately i watch your videos because i just need to be up to date in the pc world (because of work etc).
    But mostly i keep loving your videos because it helps my mom and my friends who are not "very good" with pc's and all the "options".

    You are a hero in my opinion. Thank you!

  8. well, that's odd, i followed every step, disabled defender using gpedit, however after rebooting… the realtime protection is ON again.
    Went to check if the sheduled tasks turned on too.. and nope. The tasks remain disabled, but for some reason the realtime protection always comes back after the reboot

  9. How about doing a tutorial if you’d be so kind to do a tutorial to remove the latest stupid version of Dropbox deciding that all your drivers be uploaded up to Dropbox you delete drop box version it deletes drivers from your PC. Irritating Morons then want to immediately charge you to upgrade your storage.

  10. Off topic Brian but what is up with MS update saying my version of W10 needs to be upgraded? According to my updates dialog box. Says I need to update to a newer version of W10.
    Thanks mate. Much appreciate your tips, from Texas cheers….


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