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How to Recover Hidden Files in Android Mobile:

In this video, I have made a video about how to hide apps on any android phones.

How to hide apps on Xiaomi phone:

You can use the most secure screen lock in the world that nobody can break but at some point, you will give your phone to someone for use. Maybe for playing games, or making phone calls or maybe for some other reason. One way or the other someone is going to use your phone at some point in time. Then you might not want them to see some of your most important apps like dating apps or your WhatsApp messages, or your E-mails or maybe some other important apps that you don’t want others to see.

In any case, it’s very much possible to hide your apps on any android phones. And in this video, I’ll tell you the exact method that I am using to hide apps on my phone.

The one method you can use without installing any third-party apps is —“by disabling the particular apps”. But the problem with this is this will disable all the notifications and you will lose all the data stored on those apps. So this method is definitely not recommended.

If you use any android smartphone then the best way you can hide any apps on your phone is by Installing an App called Apex Launcher.

First, go to Google Play store and search for the app Apex Launcher. Once you find this app you can click on Install.

Once the app is installed successfully then go to your settings panels and click on Home Screen Option and select the Default Launcher as Apex Launcher.

Now you changed the pre-installed system launcher to third party Launcher.
Please note this may change your home screen a little bit and might show some ads. Because now you are using a third-party launcher on your phone.
Now to hide the apps open the Apex Launcher app and select hidden app options where you can select the app that you want to hide. Once you select the apps that you want to hide then you can select Save option. Now, these apps will be hidden on your phone and won’t show anywhere on your phone menus.

If the hidden apps are still showing on your phone menu then just delete the apps manually once on your phone. Now your apps will be hidden and won’t be visible for anyone else if somebody uses your phone.

But how do you use those hidden apps if you want to use them?
Don’t worry just go to play store and search the app that you want to use for eg. I want to use Whatsapp then ill search for Whatsapp in the search menu and now ill be able to use this app from here. This is as simple as that.

But if you are not happy with this third party installer then you can use the App locker app where you can lock the individual apps Instead of hiding the app, this will help you lock individual apps so that others won’t be able to use it.

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